In the context oft he brainscapes series, The Illustrated Man represents the artistic incarnation of he robot sapiens - he whose destiny has been graven into his skin: programmed as much by his genetic code as by his social education, and whose brains, given the nano-technical means, might soon be manipulated by mechanical intervention as well.

The sculpture is conceived as an interactive work. During exposition, visitors will be asked to inscribe on its surface their own opinions as to the degree of freedom of thought and decision making which might in fact be conceded (or not) to the human race.


I am

the illustrated man

the script of my life written into my skin
my body the keyboard of my destiny
my brain the playground of evolution

I am the illustrated man

programmed to believe

that man is born

from The Koda (2009)

Exhibition in the Chapelle St.Jaques during La Semaine du Cerveau, Toulouse, France  2014