The PIERIDAE Project 


These artworks are part of a project and exists only as a virtual maquette. Their proposed dimensions can be adapted (to a reasonable extent) to the wishes of the collector or to an architectural concept. No deposit is requested and after delivery of the completed work the usual returning period of 7 days applies. For the realisation of the artwork please count 12-15 weeks.


Earth- and stonecolours have always been a important feature in Vles’ artwork. Even where she uses bright reds or yellows, they still grow out of dirty whites, brownish greys and muddy blacks. In spite of a stern geometric design, emphasis lays on the «brut», many-layered texture. No surface is ever clean, smooth or polished, and primary colours are anathema to the artist. Some of her work looks as if it had been standing outside for some time to absorb its natural environment - and in many cases, it actually did.

Equally, wings are a predominant Vlessian element and some works, like «Wings» or «Cerveaulant», have indeed been exhibited flying from the ceiling, in spite of their oppressive weight. Some smaller pieces of the recent «modules» series just seem to have landed on the wall for a short rest, ready to take off again on the slightest breeze.

So it was only a matter of time for these components to merge into the Pieridae, the stonecoloured butterflies that reconcile the flying with the earthly. Of course it is not the artist’s intention to portray butterflies, and there is nothing small, pretty, fluttering, even less «natural» about these paintings. As always in the Vlessian arteverse, it is a matter of association and atmosphere – pieridae being the source, not the objective.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         David Lanstedt «Flying Colours» 2023 (extract)