PAINTINGS  from the transCerebral series

BRAINWAVE   2008   acrylic on canvas  140x180cm   (private collection)

transCEREBRAL    2007   acrylic/collage on board   44x57.5cm   (private collection)

BRAINSTONE   2007   acrylic/ollage on board   40x50cm   

« French Philosophy » is a persiflage on the so-called deconstructivist (or relativist, or postmodern) philosophy invented by French intellectuals like Foucault, Derrida ou Lancan. The image of the brain discomposing itself and flying away to mystical unfathomabme « heights » is symbolical of their arrgance, intellectual corruption, sloppy thinking and systematical (mis)use of pseudo scientific data that has ridiculed the French intelligentsia for half a century and has been the forerunner of the actual corruption in other fields like sociologie, justice, politics and economie in France.

FRENCH PHILOSOPHY   2007   acrylic/collage on board   83x41,5cm

GORDIAN KNOT  or the Hazards of Communication   2007   acrylic/collage on canvas and wood   198x198cm

transCEREBRAL        Installation view

transCEREBRAL   Installation view