l'Improvisation de     Saint Jean

June 24th 2000

The installation «l’Improvisation de Saint Jean» was conceived for the exhibition Bât’Image at St.Paul de Baïse and really was an improvisation, as the artist initially designated to the place was obliged to give forfeit one day before the vernissage, on the 24th of june 2000, date dedicated to St.John.

The sculpture consists of a 5 metres high structure of oak beams from which a very large glass panel is suspended, that captures and mirrors the surrounding environment – at once artwork and chronicler of the passing time.The huge glass panel reflects the hours of the day: the dew at dawn melting at the first sun rays giving place to matitunal projections of the environing buildings and vegetation. Following the progress of the sun, it captures the incandescent light at noon and the soft and filigrane design of the evening light.

The glass becomes receptacle of the surrounding world, transforming it according to physical law and returning images varying from photographical reproduction to pure abstraction.

(Judith Hoffmann «Travaux sur Transparence"»)