The title Cerveaulant plays on the French words «cerveau» (brain) and «cerf-volant» (kite). It challenges our somewhat optimistic belief that our brain is the center of our intelligence and determines our thought and decision-making, while it seems empirically much more probable that our behavior and opinions are dictated by our genetic code and education, and that, most of the time, our brain is a pawn in the hand of evolution and (mis)used to either find ways to satisfy our archaic instincts or invent sly reasons to justify our murderous and suicidal comportement.


cloué au poteau de l'histoire
écrite en mon nom

suis-je maître ou esclave du destin?

suis-je aigle impérial ou piètre cerveaulant
au cordon ombilical de l'évolution?


(from the Koda 2007)




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